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Author: Pain Management Partners

Why You May Be Experiencing Hip Pain at Night

You toss, you turn, and you get zero sleep. 

If that sounds like a regular night for you because of hip pain, you’re probably going to want some relief as soon as possible. The first course of action is to figure out the root of that pain, so here are a few things you may be experiencing, along with some tips on how to help ease the pain.

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February Shared Medical Visit feat. Gail Karuna Vetter

Join us February 21st for our Shared Medical Visit featuring Gail Karuna Vetter. She is a licensed massage therapist, an energy worker, and has extensive training in the properties and use of medicinal plants. Therapeutic massage, alone or combined with a deeply intuitive energetic work, will help your body relax. Gentle herbal teas, tinctures, and salves further support your healing journey.

Please call 541-344-8469 and schedule to join us.