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Serving Lane County, we offer multifaceted pain management, quality service and in-depth knowledge. Pain Management Partners, LLC in Eugene, Oregon specializes in non-surgical medical treatment of intractable pain. Our nationally recognized medical practitioners emphasize comprehensive care with a multidisciplinary perspective. We offer thorough evaluation, treatment recommendations, coordination of care, and alternative approaches when usual options fail. Our Services >
Psychologist joins PMP
Pain Management Partners, LLC, welcomes Dr. Stuart Silberman, Psy.D., to our practice. Dr. Silberman specializes in chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders, mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), ADD/ADHD and cognitive decline. He provides assessment, psychotherapy and EEG neurofeedback, which improves brain function in cognitive, emotional and behavioral ways with permanent results. Learn more about Dr. Silberman on his website at If you want help in controlling your chronic pain, call us today to make an appointment with Dr. Silberman, 541-344-8469.

Medical Students Training at PMP

Pain Management Partners, LLC, is hosting third and fourth-year medical students from Western University of Health Sciencesfrom Lebanon, OR, during the months of July-August, October-November, and December-January for three and four-week clerkships in pain management. We are pleased to help young physicians-in-training gain more experience in multidisciplinary pain management. Please welcome them and when possible, allow them to attend your appointment with your providers.

Community Room: See what's going on!
Try any of our complimentary choices for relieving pain and stress, while having fun and getting a workout. Our Community Room, located in the lower level, is open to both our patients and the public. It's for anyone who wants to take a class or try something new. Currently we have classes in hypnotherapy: guided imagery, Feldenkrais Method and yoga, as well as community acupuncture, a lidocaine clinic and group therapy classes. The spacious 17 x 34-foot room also has wall beds, which are used during community acupuncture and lidocaine clinic treatments. The room is available for meetings and training. For information and schedule, contact Jonni at

Pain Management Partners, LLC, is committed to marketplace ethics and meets the Better Business Bureau's  Code of Business Practices. Pain Management Partners, LLC, maintains honest and reliable business practices. We make a pledge to be transparent, be responsive to customers, advertise honestly, honor promises and act with integrity.

Feature Article: Mistakes Made By Chronic Pain Patients
There is no doubt that entering the world of chronic pain is a confusing and difficult process. Often patients do not understand the basics of pain management approaches to long-term care. However, helping patients to become aware of various potential problems and mistakes ahead of time, will allow them to respond differently and learn how to become part of the pain management team. Knowledge is power and helps to reduce what may appear to the health care providers as "resistance" on the part of the patient.

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Feature Article: The World of Pain Medicine
Patients need to better understand their health care provider's concerns regarding alcohol, drugs and pain medications, as well as what is expected of them in their role as patients in order to maximize treatment outcomes. Pain Management is, by its nature, a multidisciplinary profession and so the over-emphasis on the medical model, while a central part of pain management, oftentimes misses the point.

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Feature Article: Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Mysterious Disease or Not?
Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is one of a group of chronic pain disorders producing painful symptoms characterized by long-term, body-wide pain with tender points. Symptoms often refer to joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues and can be confused with arthritis or connective tissue disease. Thought to be a primary neurological disorder

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Feature Article: The Bridge

One of our body's strongest self-healing mechanisms is our breath. Over half of our waste by-products are eliminated through our breathing and our skin. Balanced breath supports muscle growth, release of toxins and increases our energy. Breathing is a central principle in communication with ourselves and each other. It is our bridge between life and our thoughts and feelings. We can personally contribute to stabilizing our mood and increasing blood and energy flow throughout our body tissues for optimal health just by improving our ability to breathe deeply and smoothly. Learning to become intimate with our own breath can be the creation of a powerful tool to manage our thoughts, feelings and moods.

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